What To Expect…

I’m a lazy, 18 year old girl forced into adulting by her decision to take a gap year. A decision heavily lead by the fact that I am incapable of decision making and I couldn’t decide what to study at Uni. (wow that was a lot of decisions) It is also a great excuse to travel, which is exactly what I’m doing. On May 1st, myself and one lucky* travel companion are jetting off on a 3 month SE Asia trip. I thought this could act as one big travel diary for me to look back on and anyone else if it takes interest, but I suppose mostly talking to myself (no change there then). The most likely scenario is future me looks back on this and heavily cringes, as I do with most things past me has done.

* a term used loosely, as they will be dealing with the immense emotional roller coaster that is me everyday. Ha.
Last year I had applied to University with the plan to study Pyschology, however after recieving my A level results, that flame of passion seemed to have fizzled out. I was left wishing I had instead applied to my side subject lover Geography. So, I declined my offer and took a year off, meaning I relived the whole UCAS process for another year and now I shall be studying Geography in September.
Another reason for starting this blog is because I am currently working 3 jobs in order to save for my trip, therefore I have little time to myself. The time I do have I am extremely good at wasting by just going round in an endless cycle of irrevelent youtube videos and scrolling through numberous social medias. ‘Take this quiz and find out what type of bread you are’ “ermmm YES”. So I thought this would be somewhat more productive.
In conclusion, what may be included in this blog:
°Topics of Interests
°Attempts at Health (lol)
And everything in between
Do stick around if you so please,
Lon x

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