Memoirs of a Pincushion: A Jab Story

Forewarning: This post is not about a real pincushion, it is actually about my pincushion alter ego I have recently discovered.

Yesterday was my first meeting with my local travel doctor. She was very helpful and cleared up anything I was unsure about in regards to which jabs I should be worrying about and whether or not Malaria medication is necessary for the areas I am visiting (it’s not).
Her relief I had done some of my own research was clear as she explained not many do before coming to her, however, she was concerned with how soon I leave (26 days omg) and what little time we had remaining to fit in appointments.

It should be noted here: NOT ALL JABS ARE ON THE NHS! I was aware of this, however I didn’t know I wouldn’t be abled to get Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis vaccinations at my local Doctor’s surgery. This means I shall have to try make more appointments at another travel clinic not so near to me for 5 more jabs, trying to fit them all in before I leave. I am working all this week and next week I go away to Abu Dhabi, therefore I’m not really working with much time here. Such FUN.

All negativity aside, I did manage to get 3 jabs out of the way yesterday; Hep B, Tetanus and Meningitis. Meningitis is not necessary for travel, however it is EXTREMELY recommended before going to University, for this reason we both decided it was best to get out of the way sooner rather than later.

The Nurse did one jab after the other with no breaks in between, just the 2 seconds it took for her to shuffle round my seat to my other arm. In spite of that, the injection itself was completely fine, there was little to no pain. So long as I don’t watch the needle going into my arm, getting jabs doesn’t trouble me at all. Once finished we began discussing my next appointment, this was when I noticed her troubled expression. She tilted her head to the side while she stared at my face and asked if I was alright, furrowing her brow. Now I should say this room was stuffy as hell and I could feel my face burning up. I promised her I was fine, but as she made me keep talking to her I began to find it difficult not to giggle and I was feeling lightheaded.
To cut a long story short, what started as a simple injection session had turned into separate nurses being called into the room to hand me water, while I lay on an examination table with my feet up and a wet cloth on my head. I had to call home for a lift back as she deemed me unsafe to drive, honestly that didn’t surprise me though as she was worried enough at the notion of me even standing up, it was pretty clear to me she thought I was going to pass out. It was all VERY dramatic. I just felt like I was a bit tipsy.

When I did get home I was a bit shaky and I felt like I had low blood sugar, so by Doctor’s orders I lay down, feet up and watched Netflix with a slice of chocolate cake. Obviously she didn’t instruct me to eat cake and watch Jane the Virgin but it did work 😉

My next appointment with her is in 2 weeks time, hopefully it will be a little less dramatic and I’ll be able to fit in as many jabs as I need before I go away. Otherwise some might have to be done in Bangkok and I’ll have no idea how that will go down.

Lon x

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