Living That Sukhothai Good Life

Ayyyy guess who’s ill again. Me yo. 
I don’t know what’s wrong with me or why this keeps happening but I’m pretty done. This is the third day of being ill this time around and I am getting better but I am just so SO exhausted. My boyfriend has gone on a cycle tour today, exercising and sightseeing and all those shenanigans. When literally all I have managed to do today is walk to a cafe 5 minutes away for lunch and walk back…I feel like I’m about to pass out. Yes, I will be having a nap in this nice comfy bed after I post this 😉
Anyway, let’s throw things back to before miserable sickness times when we were living the good life in Sukhothai.
Sukhothai is about a 5 hour bus ride from Ayutthaya, which wasn’t very exciting, apart from there being an old irrelevant English film called “Street Dance” playing which had been awfully dubbed in Thai. Once Street Dance had finished the tv then started to play some sort of Thai X Factor, which earned a few giggles from us.
Sukhothai itself is a beautiful place, perhaps my favourite place in Thailand even though we only spent 2 days there. Tourist season is only just starting here in Asia, so our time in Sukhothai was still quiet. This meant we were able to afford an amazing hotel due to off season prices, swimming pool and everything. All the travelling stress floated away and we were in holiday bliss. Being the only ones at the pool under the stars, surrounded by tress with lanterns ahh I want to go back. Look, the pool even had elephant statues, this place was the real deal.
The area we stayed in had lots of resorts, most of which were half empty like our one, therefore the surrounding restaurants were also pretty dead. These restaurants had great food, but of course it’s a little awkward when you’re pretty much the only people in there and you can tell the staff don’t really want to serve anybody. That’s something I’m not really used to here, back at home I’ve worked as both a Barista and a Bar tender and yeah, we aren’t perfect, we all check our phones from time to time, however here is a whole different level. Servers don’t care if customers see them on their phones, they are CONSTANTLY on their phones. I’ve even read a blogpost saying you can pay a lot of money for a massage here and the masseuse has her/his phone in one hand the whole time. To me that is just something that would not happen at home and if it did, customers would without a doubt complain, yet here nobody seems to care.
I went off topic a bit there. We went to an open air restaurant  both nights for dinner, which despite the awkwardness, was lovely. The food was delicious and I wish I could have seen the place during tourist season when it would be home to more of an atmosphere.
Sukhothai is split into New Sukhothai and Old Sukhothai, we didn’t branch into New Sukhothai as we were really just interested in visiting the Historical park. On our second day we rented bicycles from the hotel for about 50 baht and cycled 15 minutes to the park.
The Historical Park is full of ancient ruins from the 13th and 14th centuries, back when Sukhothai was the capital of the Kingdom of Sukhothai. The ruins include the monument of the Royal Palace and 26 temples. It takes a couple hours to cycle around, but I won’t lie, the navigation of the place isn’t easy. We found ourselves cycling along dirt paths, crashing into tree roots and palm leaves to avoid passing the same Buddha statue for the 4th time.
The beautiful park has a large lake in the centre with a dainty wooden bridge, leading to a small temple island in the middle.  I would honestly say it is 100% worth a visit by anyone on a trip in Northern Thailand. The one strange part of the day was being approached by Japanese tourists and asked for a photo with them and their kids. It was SUCH a hot day and we had been cycling around in the blistering sun, we were sweating like CRAZY and we had to take a selfie with this random Japanese family. Ahaha it was very strange, but having been to Japan last year, it brought back all the memories of My Best Friend and I being stopped and asked for a selfie. Including once while we were swimming in the sea. We were literally asked to get out of the sea to take a selfie.
I feel like this post is written really badly and completely incoherent but my nap is calling for me now so I’m going to leave it there. I’m ill, take it easy on me.
Hopefully I’ll be all better by the next post, until then

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Lon x
Couldn’t fit this huge guy anywhere so he’s getting slapped on at the end

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