An Island Paradise Getaway

Our next stop was Koh Rong, the second largest island in Cambodia. We had booked a beach hut on a private beach with Palms Beach Resort, and we were super excited.

We had to take a ferry from Sihanoukville which took about 30 minutes or so. Once we reached Koh Rong, us and a group of 4 guys who were also going to our resort, had to take a longboat to the other side of the island. We were getting splashed pretty badly by the waves on the longboat, when once of the men driving it told us it would take 3 hours to get there! We weren’t sure whether or not he was joking, so we were relived when we got there just under an hour.

Once at the resort we went into the beach bar to get all the information we needed. It turned out the resort hardly had any water so you had to flush the toilets yourself with buckets (ahhhhh nightmare) and the only place with wifi was the bar. Also, the power cut out every morning from about 6am-10am, which meant no fan during those hours (that wasn’t fun). It was definitely a fun experience to be on a beach without wifi and basic facilities, but I would have much preferred a flushing toilet and a shower which had enough water pressure to get the sand out of my hair…the water dribbled out of this thing.

The beach bar was fun and equipped with a pool table. Pool is one of the only things in the world I am half good at, so we would have to play rematches over and over again until my boyfriend won one, I can’t complain though as the practice made me get even better 😉

One our second night we had one too many cocktails off of the extensive bar menu and ended up giggling all the way down the beach before finding a stargazing spot. I’m really going to struggle trying to explain how beautiful the stars were that night. The sky was completely clear and there wasn’t any light pollution for miles around, I felt like I could see every star in the galaxy from that spot. Living close to London, my night usual night sky isn’t very spectacular as the light pollution means you can’t see very many stars, only the brightest ones. But this scene right here, looked like something that had been created on a computer for a movie. I even saw 3 shooting stars, I had never seen one before! It was probably the most magical night of my life and I wish I could have those stars sketched into my brain forever. Unfortunately, that was the only clear night for the rest of our stay, but the fact I only saw it once, almost makes it more magical.

Opposite our resort on a little island was the most expensive resort in Cambodia. Their beach huts did look a lot different to ours, and being nosey on their website we could see that each one had its own private pool. We saw a couple get on the resort’s own private speedboat one day while we were on our much slower longboat. We love to watch Karl Pilkington, so were both reminded of the Idiot Aboard episode where he spends a night in a cave with a view of Petra and says:

This little getaway was a much more chilled out part of our trip, which we definitely needed. We sat on the beach, went swimming, read our books, chilled in the hammock, had a few drinks and played a whole lot of pool. This was our first real beach, we ready for it and the many more to come once we got to Southern Thailand, just one more stop in Cambodia before we headed there. It really was the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of backpacking, so peaceful with few other people in the same resort. We loved it.

Lon x

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