Your Guide to the Full Moon Party

So you’ve seen all mad instagrams of girls dressed in neon clothing with floral body paint all over them, or people jumping through a ring of fire on the beach, or the one I’ve included at the top of the post, and you’ve thought “damn, I want to go to the Full Moon Party”. Well then this one is for you. Just like any night out, the Full Moon Party can be either absolutely awesome or absolutely dreadful and that all depends on doing your research.

With this simple guide, you can ensure your safety and enjoyment at the Full Moon Party (well, as much as you can ensure anything in Thailand).

1. Book your accommodation early! The Full Moon Party takes place every month in a variety of places in South Thailand. It originated in Haad Rin on the island of Koh Pha Ngan, making this home to the biggest of all the celebrations, meaning it gets booked up QUICKLY. Try to stay as close to Haad Rin as possible in order to avoid complications when you decide to leave. We stayed about 15 minutes away, which we were worried about at the time but it turned out to be very easy to catch a songthaew (tuk tuk) there and back, even if they aren’t the safest of vehicles.

2. Don’t travel from the surrounding Islands. Lots of tourists staying in Koh Samui decide to take a taxi boat to and from the party. THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. The boats in question do not regulate how many people get on the boat and they don’t care who it is, even if you do have some ridiculously overpriced ticket. It’s a for sure way to get ripped off and a complete free for all. It’s not uncommon to be waiting in queues for hours, or to be pushed and shoved off a boat by someone else who wants to get back. If you do manage to get a boat back, it’s not exactly a quick journey and you are sure to get very wet and very cold.

3. Take a money belt. Preferably an elasticated one without a clip at the back as these are very difficult to steal. By far the safest way to keep hold of your phone and money.

4. Try find your own body paint beforehand as getting it done there is seriously overpriced and they will start painting you before you have a chance to ask how much it is (we made this mistake). If your artist skills are particularly awful and you do decide to get it done there, don’t forget to barter. They tried to charge me 300 baht for this floral piece (£7), which is ridiculous for Thailand prices TRUST me.

I don’t know why the quality is so bad but you can see the paint so all good

5. Buy buckets from the stalls that are located before the beach. A simple one, but they are much cheaper. Also be prepared for all your alcohol to be watered down, it’ll take a lot to get you going but maybe switch it up so you aren’t having too much red bull and rum, Thai red bull is a lot stronger than ours.

6. You do not need any kind of wristband and/or ticket to get in (again, we made this mistake). Before entering the beach there was a sign saying everyone had to pay 200 baht for a wristband in order to get in…ya don’t. Nobody is going to check this and it’s just another scam, although I did get a wristband out of it.

7. Going back to accommodation, try and stay somewhere with locks or a safe. Robberies are high in the area on the night of the party because all the tourists leave their valuables in their rooms.

8. When travelling to and from the party, (and just in any tuk tuk /taxi) make sure to agree a price up front with the driver, as they are very likely to take advantage of young drunk tourists and scam them.

9. Don’t sleep in the sleeping zone…yeah just don’t man.

10. Don’t accept any drugs from anyone. I’m not gonna judge anyone for what they’re into on here, but it is seriously unsafe to do this. You have no idea what may or may not be given to you and it’s just not at all worth it. Cocaine can often be laced with baby powder to make it cheaper or even rat poison. A common robbing technique is to offer somebody drugs, such as marijuana, and then try take them to a cash point and/or grab your cash out of your hands and run with it. Someone could even sell you drugs and then rat you straight out to the police for some extra cash. It just isn’t worth it.

11. Don’t litter. Seriously don’t, there are bins all around the beach and your plastic straws are killing the turtles.

12. As soon as you get there, arrange a meeting spot with your friends to head to as soon as you think one of you may be lost (ours was the Full Moon Party sign in the picture, pretty easy one).

13. An obvious one, just be sensible. I’m a pretty sensible person anyway and I always know how/when to get home from a night out and who that is going to be with. Of course go and have fun, its a fun night with loads of music and lights and fire and dancing on a stretch of beach in Thailand, it’s awesome. But don’t get so drunk you don’t know where you are, because you may have to direct a driver back to your accommodation. Hold on properly in the songthaews, they are pretty damn dangerous especially if you are sat at the back. Don’t go off with random strangers, the party can be a dangerous place, especially for young women so stick with your friends.

14. Lastly, remember to be respectful. Yes, the area is known for its parties put on for tourists, but local people do still live there and lots don’t particularly love the fact that the area they call home is now a wild party scene for foreign teenagers with a lot more money than them. While you are in Koh Pha Ngan (or anywhere else), wear respectable clothing, try learn a few words in Thai, be kind to the locals and maybe spend some money in their shops/restaurants

Well there you have it, I’m just about done sounding like your mother now. I just think with something as popular as the Full Moon Party, we all have to look out for each other. Lots of people aren’t really thinking about how to keep themselves safe a lot of the time, instead trying to get as f***ed up as possible. But hey, how good is that really when you wake up on an empty beach the next morning without any of your belongings and no recollection of what happened the night before…exactly.

See you guys next time whenever I find the time to upload again, as it seems any kind of blogging schedule I try and make myself gets thrown out the window pretty quickly. Thank you as always.

Lon xx

7 thoughts on “Your Guide to the Full Moon Party”

  1. How have I never heard of this it sounds awesome!!Defo agree to buy your own body paint ect before you go in. Like at festivals, they put up the prices because they know you're trapped in and have no choice but to pay.Maya xhttp://allthingspinkuk.com


  2. Ahaha I feel like I always see it all over instagram so I thought I should share my experience and tips. Yeah she literally sat me down and just started painting me, ignoring me when I asked how much it was until the very end! So annoying! x


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