Small Ways to Save the Planet – Eco Friendly Shopping

The planet is what I am truly passionate about and for just over a year now I have been trying to find new ways to lead a more sustainable life. This is something I believe we all need to do and the good news is, it’s super easy to make small changes to do so!

Firstly, we have to get the obvious out of the way…GET RID OF THOSE PLASTIC BAGS. You have to be using tote bags and other kind of reusables by now, or at least reusing your plastic bags! Never go to shop empty handed, take a bag with you!

Also, if you’re buying loose fruit, stop picking up those pointless little plastic bags to put them in, there’s really no need. Seriously, how do they offer any more protecting to your fruit and veg? They don’t. I just chuck it in the basket as it is, but if you really want to cover them, get yourself some mesh bags like these

Right, now on to the juicy stuff…fast fashion
Recent studies have found that the textile industry is responsible for the release of more greenhouse gas than international shipping and aviation combined. That’s without even thinking about the huge amount of waste they create and resources used
The average person now buys 60% more clothes than they did 20 years ago and keeps them for about half as long. In the US, 85% of unwanted clothes end up in landfill, where they take 200 years to decompose, leaving behind toxic chemicals, dyes and synthetics 

The fashion industry’s CO2 emissions are projected to increase by more than 60% to nearly 2.8 billion tons per year by 2030. Main cotton producing countries like China and India are already facing water shortages, and with water consumption projected to go up 50% by 2030, these cotton-growing nations face the dilemma of choosing between cotton production and securing clean drinking water (Forbes, 2017)

Fast fashion has cheap prices which may seem convenient for us, however they are made using extremely cheap labour in sweat shops. These sweat shops force people and children from extremely poor backgrounds into making our clothes at sometimes often $1 per hour for 72 hours straight.
So, what can YOU do?

1. Ideally, stop buying cheap clothing from high street brands. Do you really need a new H&M t-shirt if this is what it costs the environment and the people who made it? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging, I’m trying to get better at this myself. If you really need something new, why not buy higher quality that will last longer, ultimately saving you money in the long run

2. Learn how to fix your clothes! I know so many people that throw stuff away because of a hole, learning to sow is really easy and can save you money. It’s a pretty important life skill. Also, if you get good at sowing, you can make your old boring clothes look way cooler by adding some patches or embroidery!

3. Resell your old stuff and buy other people’s old stuff! Don’t throw your old clothes away when someone out there could give them a loving home. I’ve become Obsessed with Depop recently and would recommend everyone downloading it, it’s such a great easy way to buy and sell old clothing for cheap prices. There are loads of other ways to sell your old clothes but that one is my favourite. If you see a design you really like in a shop, look it up on there and you will probably find something you like even more for cheaper!

4. Charity/Thrift shops. In the UK, our thrift shops are pretty expensive, but charity shops are the best thing ever. They’re not just full of granny clothes I promise. My friend and I actually used to make days out of going to local charity shops to see what treasures we could find ahaha

5. Go to small local shops or small businesses online, which are far more environmentally friendly (and farmers markets for food)

I hope we can all try our best to introduce slow fashion into our lives 💚

The Punky Bunny

I just wanted to shoutout the amazing Emma at The Punky Bunny on Etsy for her amazing vegan designs and recyclable packaging! Definitely eco-friendly shopping right there!  Her designs are gorgeous and she’s absolutely lovely so go check her out ❤️

Instagram: ThePunkyBunny
Thank you lovelies,
Lon x

9 thoughts on “Small Ways to Save the Planet – Eco Friendly Shopping”

  1. I absolutely loved this post! Such great tips and definitely some I need to start putting into practise- I've been looking for mesh bags for fruit for ages and those ones you mentioned look great. Also I love charity shop shopping! Used to always do it as a teen and have started doing it again recently- my fave place to go for it is Stratford Upon Avon, never too expensive and you can always find the odd branded item for more than half the price! Also thank you so so much for including me in the post- it has made my day! 😀 Emma x


  2. I love this advice! I have really been trying to shift into a more responsible fashion consumer. It is a challenge for sure, but something we all need to consider😍❤️✌🏻DanaNowheretobeproject.com


  3. Thank you! It's something I've been trying to do more recently so I wanted to make the tips easy. I've never actually been there for charity shops but maybe I'll have to try it now you mention it! You are so so welcome, I absolutely love your products and would love more people to know about them! x


  4. It is quite difficult to first make the shift, but once you do it it's so easy! Plus, buying something new from a shop every now and then isn't that big a deal if the majority of the time you are buying second-hand and reusing your old stuff


  5. I really enjoyed reading this post, and thank you for sharing the truths about the fast-fashion industry! It’s something I became aware of about a year ago (I’d never taken the time to ask myself about it before or do any research) and it really made me change my ways. I buy clothes/shoes very rarely, and when I do I try to get them from charity shops or vegan and ethical stores. When it’s good quality, they do last longer so it’s way better!


    1. Thank you! It’s so amazing you’ve made the change to slow fashion. I pretty much always buy second hand now and when I very rarely don’t I feel so weird and bad about it. I think once you’ve opened your eyes and made a change,you don’t go back to your old ways

      Lon x


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