Green Heart Cafe – Vegan Cornwall

Back in June, my boyfriend and I spent a week in Cornwall, during which, we visited the Green Heart Cafe in Newquay. This veggie cafe has so many vegan options I was OVER THE MOON, it’s not easy to find much vegan food in Cornwall and this is some of the best I’ve ever had.

I didn’t realise before going in, but this cafe prides itself with the art it has for sale. Gorgeous, unique artwork fills the walls, hence the name Green HeART Cafe.

I went for the ‘meatball’ sub, which was delicious and smothered in cheese, as you can see. It came with a little side salad and huge potato wedges. Yep, I caught him in the act, that’s my boyfriend trying to steal one of my wedges even though he had this delicious looking curry in front of him. I wasn’t surprised.

The specials board in the cafe said there was only 1 vegan pasty left and being in Cornwall, I just couldn’t resist. Boy am I glad I ordered that pasty. I’ve only been vegan for a year of my life and I’ve had my fair share of pasties, but I can say with 100% confidence that this was the best I’ve ever had. Maybe even the best in the world. Delicious tomatoey veg with spices mmmm I can still taste it!

Now it has to be said, as a pair, my boyfriend and I can eat a LOT. I ordered the pasty to share but I have to admit, I did eat most of it. It was frickin beautiful I couldn’t help it. I was feeling pretty full, but, how in the world was I suppose to pass up freshly baked vegan desserts? I’m just not that strong. So, a toffee and apple slice it was for me (look at that doorstop!) and a brownie for Jay. It’s hard to feel bad about yourself for eating so much when the food is that good.

I’m pretty sure you can tell what the best part of this cafe is…A DOGGY! This cutie decided to cuddle up to us while we were sat on the armchairs. I don’t think it understood it’s not a lap dog though because only have of it actually fit across the back of the chair and the other half was crushing me. This really reminded me of my labs at home, especially Jessie, who will do anything for a cuddle ahaha.

Finding this amazing vegan cafe in the middle of gorgeous Newquay made for a brilliant day, and made my trip to Cornwall 100x better knowing I could actually find some vegan food. I’m actually pretty sure that I’d want to move there one day now, but we’ll have to wait and see. If you’re ever down in Cornwall, make sure to give this place a visit, you won’t regret it!

Lon x

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