A Cornwall Summer Holiday, Part 2

This is my first post on the new and improved Just a Kidd site, so I’m very excited!! It’s all about our second little holiday in Cornwall this summer. If you missed Part 1, click here


My boyfriend and I had to travel to Plymouth on a Friday back in August so we thought, why not make a long weekend trip out of it back to Cornwall because of how much we love it there! Originally, his plan was to go camping to ensure we weren’t spending too much…but that’s not very me. I was DREADING the thought of a tent in the middle of a field with nowhere to get changed and no space, not for me thanks.


Luckily, very last minute, we found this super cute little hut in a place called Hedgerow Huts near Liskeard. The drive up the very high hill our hut was on top of was very interesting in my little car on the little country roads, but we made it up there every time and only bumped into someone coming from the opposite direction once (that was mad and I don’t know how people who live there deal with the stress!!!). Look at that road! It was about as wide as my car is and my car is a very small Citroen C1.


This high hill did mean we had an absolutely gorgeous view from our little hut though, so I can’t complain too much 😉 Even in the typical British weather, you had to love it, I’d love to know how many miles away we could actually see.


Our hut had its own little kitchen with a gas hob and grill that you had to run round the back of the little shed to open up the gas canister so it would turn on. It had utensils as well but no tap, you had to go and collect the water yourself. That was a new one for me, but I found it really fun to find easy recipes I’d be able to cook in there. The last picture is a tomato and chickpea curry we managed to make… and a rattler of course!


Our favourite place to go was the close town of Looe. A beautiful little harbour town that was so lovely to wander around all day, in and out of the little shops, the arcade and cafes. I even managed to find some vegan food, RESULT!! Just look at that huge vegan pasty and cuppa.


We went to this town almost every day and left with the desire to move there one day and make it our home. We had such a lovely time in Looe, I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in Cornwall.

Our last day was a bit crazy, we decided to drive out a bit further to find a Hubbox, remember the amazing burger restaurant from Part 1. We ended up in Pentewan Sands Holiday Park and enjoyed delicious burgers once again…as well as vegan nachos this time! Sooooo good!!


After our we were full to the brim on carbs, we drove about 15 minutes to get a Costa because I’d been too many days without a hazelnut latte to function. We ended up in an outdoor shopping complex and were left wondering what to do with ourselves. We walked into the cinema that was there and saw The Meg was showing in 2 hours time. This is where it gets a little crazy. We decided, rather than hanging around Costa for that time, we would drive to the Eden Project (as it was 10 minutes away) and spend about an hour and a half there until it closed and make our way back for the film. So that’s what we did. A whistle stop tour of the Eden Project. I have a long proper post on the Eden Project if you haven’t seen that one, click here. It is one of my favourite places in the world!


So, that was our second trip to Cornwall, I hope you enjoyed and that you all get a chance to go at some point because it really an amazing place. I shall leave you with the pictures of the campsite’s massive piggies ahaha

Lon x




4 thoughts on “A Cornwall Summer Holiday, Part 2”

  1. I respect you for keeping your calm on the country road ahaha, I hate even being a passenger when driving down them! The burger looks sooo good, and you’ve certainly made me want to visit Cornwall someday.
    jenny x


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