A Vegan in Amsterdam

I decided to plan a 21st birthday trip to Amsterdam for my boyfriend back in December. We stayed in a lovely hotel and had an incredible time walking the city’s gorgeous streets for hours each day.  I can now officially conclude that Amsterdam is an amazing city that everyone should try go to, especially us Brits, it’s so close to us! But what was the best part? Hmmmm… that’s a hard one but I’m gonna have to say the food, more specially, the vegan food. Wowza.

These were my favourite food finds the Dutch capital had to offer:


Mastino makes deliciously light vegan and gluten free pizzas with a variety of toppings. For some reason on our first night we really fancied a pizza, and with a quick google voila, this was the place. Jay obviously went for the ‘Frida and Diego’ for its chilli, whereas I chose the ‘Full Moon’ because I’m a sucker for vegan pesto. We might have also ordered a cheeky vegan cheese plate, which was absolutely delicious! For drinks I decided to have my first ever baileys (almond of course), I can’t believe how long I’ve missed out on it! One of my favourite drinks now for sure

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 21.43.27.png

‘Frida and Diego’


‘Full Moon’


Meatless District

For the Birthday Boy’s special night we went on a rather chilly walk down to Meatless District, where I had my first Chicken Caesar Salad since going vegan (oh how I’ve missed Caesar dressing) and Jay had a spicy chicken burger. Dinner was amazing, but take my advice and don’t order the creme brulee, that may ruin it for you… OTHERWISE everything was bangin’ and I highly recommend (especially the cocktails ay)


2 Coffees and Such

Just a really nice stop for a a hazelnut latte and slice of vegan cake


The Happy Pig Pancake Shop

Vegan pancakes? No brainer. The Happy Pig Pancake Shop has an extensive pancake menu with many vegan creations. I went for the homemade spiced apple mix with chocolate hazelnut sauce and almonds. Absolutely delicious, it’s been a while since I’ve had a pancake like that. This shop is very small and if your visit is anything like ours, you’ll be serenaded by the chef singing along to classic disco tunes on the radio. Can’t ask for more really



Sampurna was our choice for our last night of the trip, one of the best Indonesian restaurants in the city. Indonesia used to be known as ‘Dutch East Indies’ and was a Dutch colony until 1945, which is why you can find a lot of Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam. This was the veggie rice table we ordered, a lot of these dishes were vegan whereas some contained egg, which Jay ate. Well, Jay ate most of it honestly because I couldn’t feel my mouth after about 2 bites, but apparently it was amazing. So if you like spicy food, this is one to go for. The fruit and sorbet did help my poor tongue afterwards


Vegan Junk Food Bar

Ladies and Gentlemen, the big one, the best vegan restaurant I’ve ever been to, the best vegan food I’ve ever had: Vegan Junk Food Bar. Just wow. The menu is absolutely ridiculous, I went with this crazy hot dog with pink garlic aioli and Jay got that massive burger. We also got some truffle fries with signature sauce and bitterballs, which are a traditional Dutch food. I am so so angry at myself for not getting a good picture of the almond baileys black velvet cake, because it is hands down the best cake I have ever had in my life and you need to have it. It would be a crime to go to here and not order it so save room (lol says me). 10/10 the best food ever and one of my favourite parts of Amsterdam as a whole tbh


Hard to eat but totally worth it


You didn’t think we would leave any did you? HA HA HA 


So that’s that, our best vegan finds. Let me know if you’ve been to Amsterdam and where your favourite spot was, or if you’re planning to go I hope this gave you some ideas!

Lon x

5 thoughts on “A Vegan in Amsterdam”

  1. Oh my gosh the food looks INCREDIBLE! I haven’t been back to Amsterdam since being vegan so I will definitely refer back to your post! The pancake place looks amazing and I have head amazing things about the Junk Food Bar! The first pizza place you visited looks great too! Hope you had a wonderful time my lovely x


  2. Everything looks so yummmmm I’m a massive fan of Junk food, but to be honest what made me the most hungry was the caesar salad! I’ll probs be visiting Amsterdam this year or the next so i’m deffo taking notes of these places! And I hope you both had a wonderful time, what a great idea for a birthday!


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