M&S Plant Kitchen Review

Unfortunately, I have not been able to try the WHOLE Plant Kitchen range, as much as I would LOVE to, but I really wanted to share my thoughts on the amazing steps M&S have taken for us. January was a very exciting time for us vegans, with all new food announcements from a crazy amount of shops and restaurants. Sure, it wasn’t a great month for my bank account…but that’s not important. So, let’s do my second favourite thing and talk about vegan food (my first favourite thing is eating vegan food, if you didn’t guess).

This is in no particular order btw, I just like to number my lists

  1. Margherita Pizza

Yes, just yes. I love this pizza, especially the thin stone baked crust. Whatever the ‘mozzarella’ balls are work so well and overall it’s simply delicious. The only downfall for me would have to be the size, I could definitely eat two in one sitting if I had them. Therefore, I’m giving this pizza a 9/10!

2. Moroccan Lentil Stew

This stew is great for a protein kick lunch. I decided to have it with some quinoa and spinach. I remember this stew being really tasty and it’s 3 of your 5 a day, which is awesome! It would probably be the perfect thing to take to the office for a healthy lunch as it’s so easy to blast in the microwave. Really tasty, but obviously not as exciting as their junk food, so therefore it gets a 8/10

3. Mushroom Pie

Ok, I’ve got to be honest, this wasn’t my favourite. I get so excited about a pie but I’ve definitely had better, sorry M&S. In my head I was comparing it to one I had from Pieminister, which is the best vegan pie ever. The pastry was excellent though and I made mash for the first time ever to have with it, so that’s kinda a big deal. I’ll give this pie a 6/10

4. Popcorn Cauliflower Bites

This might not be exactly what these are called because I got so excited to eat them I recycled the packaging before getting a photo. These are amazing, the dipping sauce is amazing. Tasty cauliflower bites and wings are something I’m so happy to have discovered since going vegan. Every time I’ve had them they’ve been absolutely delicious, and this is no exception. You assume you would feel gross and bloated after eating a whole pack of these, but that’s the beauty of it, you don’t because the cauliflower is so light and lovely. I give these a 10/10, don’t leave M&S without them in your basket!

6. Macaroni Pasta

Sorry M&S, this one really wasn’t for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t even finish this because I really didn’t like it, oops. I’ve had a LOT of vegan mac and cheese so there was a lot to live up to, but I’m still very grateful for the effort so they can have a point for that. 3/10 :/ but feel free to tell me how wrong I am if you disagree ahaha

7. Lasagne

Last but certainly not least, is the lasagne. I really enjoyed this! It was quite strange to have a completely soya one though, as I definitely prefer a vegetable one, but it tasted really good. The creamy sauce was spot on so I reckon this gets an 8/10

That’s all I’ve got round to trying from the Plant Kitchen range so far. This is all based on my own opinion as I didn’t share anything ahaha. I’d love to hear your thoughts of the things you’ve tried and recommendations on what I should pick up next! If you haven’t got round to trying anything yet, make sure to get to M&S next time you can and boost that Plant Kitchen demand!

Lon x

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