The Best Vegan Night in London

On 31st Jan I was lucky enough to go visit Vegan Nights London and I had the most amazing time, even if it was so freezing cold I thought my toes had fallen off. I’m not able to go again this month because I’m a very poor student, so I shall just reminisce all the amazing food I ate last time. If anyone wants to come bring me some Tofish and Chips in the meantime, I’ll love you forever.

I know this quality is awful but it just acts as proof we were there
Get yoself some vegan gals that want to go and eat far too much food with you

After a quick train ride from Reading to Paddington, a guessing game of where to find the right tube and a pit stop for a pint, we arrived at Brick Lane, and very shortly the eating commenced.

My top tip would be to explore the whole area first, including the sweet spot. Don’t just run to the first stall that excites you and splurge. This needs to be planned ok, it’s serious.

So many stall to choose from with so many different cuisines

My first big decision was what first savoury item to get (yes there was more than one, what do you take me for?) I went for Tofish and Chips because I’ve always been curious about it. I used to love getting a cod and chips from the local chippy on a Friday night with my family, and it feels pretty weird to just get a box of chips nowadays without anything battered. I just want some batter. This was amazing and if you haven’t had it before go and get yourself some. The fishy taste works so well and is super nostalgic and I even got curry sauce and tartar sauce. Oh boy, definitely my favourite food of the night and I’ve been thinking about it since.

please someone bring me some, this is not a drill. I need it in my life

My second savoury choice of the evening, which did not happen in this order was a big ol’ hot dog with sauerkraut, sour cream, ketchup and fried onions. You just can’t go wrong with that.

Now, let’s get onto the sweet stuff

The first stall to catch my eye was cookie dough. I LOVE cookie dough so so much. You could get it deep fried or as it is in a little pot. I got a pot of lotus biscoff flavoured cookie dough and don’t worry, I gave my little plastic pot back to them so they can reuse it.

so so soooooo good

Next on my agenda was a cupcake, there was so much choice. This is a picture of just half of one stall, I can’t even begin to explain how many cupcakes I could have chosen.

I went for a mango whipped cream cupcake which was so floral and delicious, a really good palette cleanser before I went to get the hot dog. We went savoury, sweet, savoury ok, don’t judge.

This is a very cold, shivering me with a cupcake

LAST, but not least. I got a slice of cake to take home because how could I resist this stall? I couldn’t. You couldn’t. It’s impossible.

Look at all that cake. How do you choose?

I had to get a slice of the rainbow cake to enjoy the next day. I did enjoy it the next day. It was awesome.

Vegan Nights London also has an amazing hall with a DJ that practically turns into a club as it gets later. It was such a cool atmosphere but we had to leave a bit early because it was just so damn cold, it started snowing as we were leaving and I didn’t think I had any feet at this point. They were so dumb I just thought they weren’t there anymore.

There are also loads of really awesome stalls with clothes, jewellery, plants, tote bags, etc. It’s just a really fun time and so cool that everyone is there to celebrate the Vegan food. If you’re ever in London (or not too far away) when one of the events is going on, make sure to go because you won’t regret it!

Lon x

3 thoughts on “The Best Vegan Night in London”

  1. This looks amazing! We have lots of fetes/markets in Glasgow but never anything nighttimey like this.. might put this to a few ppl and say, how about us getting something similar…


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