The Best Vegan Food in Brighton?? – Food for Friends Review

Having a boyfriend living in Brighton is hard at times because it takes over 2 hours to get there and being at different Universities means we can’t spend as much time together as we would like. However, it’s also absolutely awesome for the vegan part of me (which is all of me but you know what I mean).

He’s had a flat in central Brighton for almost a year now, and I’m fairly confident in saying we’ve probably tried every vegan option on deliveroo. We’re very much a junk food couple and probably have a burger every time we’re together, so a posh restaurant date is rare for us. Not that Food for Friends is particularly posh, but for me if it’s not junk food and there’s table service, that counts.

I went into the meal with the challenge to myself to not order the burger or fries because that’s literally all I ever eat so it seemed right to branch out while at a nice restaurant. I should mention it was an early anniversary celebration, otherwise we probably would have just had deliveroo all weekend as usual. I am a little ashamed we haven’t been before though because Jay’s flat is literally around the corner.

To start we shared the mirin marinated crispy tofu and the trio of tahini. This tofu was crazy, seriously I’ve never tasted anything like it. It really reminded me of marinated pork you would get in a chinese restaurant and it honestly had me shocked for a second because that was not the taste I was expecting. Jay usually doesn’t like tofu at all and never eats it, so the fact he was complaining about craving some more on the phone to me 4 days after we had it spoke volumes. The best tofu I’ve ever had hands down.

I then got very excited about the thought of a chowder as a main course because I used to love seafood chowder before going vegan, same goes for caesar salad. So, even with my little challenge set, my meal was picked out pretty quickly.

I loved the taste of the chowder, however I thought there may have been a bit too much sweetcorn involved for me. The caesar salad though was incredible! The oyster mushroom had a texture just like chicken and the samphire brought the fishy flavour perfectly. I usually hate having fruit mixed in with salad and always pick it out, but the pomegranate seeds worked so well, it was delicious! I couldn’t actually finish it all so I had to box up half the salad to take back with me. I would love to go back and have it again.

Jay had this huge veggie roast dinner, which he loved, even if he did get gravy all over the table. I’m so so glad he loved Food for Friends as much as I did because i’m dying to go back there and I love when he enjoys veggie/vegan food. This picture actually ended up on their instagram account after I posted it on justaplanteater! Which made me feel pretty famous not gonna lie ahaha.

I wasn’t feeling on top form the day we went so I had to stick to drinking water. I’d love to go back and try the cocktails at some point. It breaks my heart to admit we were also wayyyy too full for dessert, so we’re gonna have to go back and try it.

Food for Friends was such a lovely place to have a cute anniversary meal, especially on a lovely sunny day in Brighton. We had an incredible time and can’t wait to return.

Have you ever been to Food for Friends? If yes let me know what you had so I can plan my next meal!

Lon x

3 thoughts on “The Best Vegan Food in Brighton?? – Food for Friends Review”

  1. OMG, this looks so good.. the tofu starter especially..and the size of that yorkie in the main course?! 😆 Wish Brighton was closer to me… should just book a weekend away and come down to try all the vegan noms.


  2. Omg gurl where to even begin. The chowder, salad and roast my lorrrrrrrrd. It all just looked amazing and I am seriously hungry rn. I have haven’t been here for ages as I’m always trying the new places that seem to be popping up like flowers in my beautiful city. Great post! Need to go eat like 200 pizzas now XD Siobhan x | Vegan Babe Life


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