Why Eating Your Veggies is Cool Kids

So we’ve all been taught about eating 5 a day since we were in nursery right? Now I’m not saying I definetly mine everyday, but as a second year uni student it ASTOUNDS me how poorly so many of my fellow students eat.

I’ve met someone who said in a monthly shop they bought some satsumas, lettuce, cucumber and celery, and they thought that was enough fruit and veg for them in an entire month. So let’s break this down. I hope it’s obvious to everybody reading that this isn’t enough for our precious bodies, but also lettuce, cucumber and celery, as tasty as they are are some of the least nutrious vegetables you can get your hands on as they are all over 95% water.

So, let’s talk about some super cheap, super easy, super healthy foods that everyone needs to make sure they are getting in thier diet. Please don’t think it’s only health freaks that care about what goes into their bodies. Chances are if for some reason you’re feeling like sh*t, maybe feeling down, constipated, bloated or unwell, you’re probably eating like sh*t and not realising it.

Broccoli – I eat broccoli ALL the time because it’s so easy to cook on the side of a meal. Full of vitamin K and C as well as folate, maganese and potassium. Studies have shown this super food may prevent the onset of chronic disease such as breast cancer and tumor growth

Spinach – An absolute SUPER FOOD and costs about £1 a bag, no excuses not to be adding this to your food wherever you can! Packed full of vitamin A and K as well as antioxidants associated wih decreasing cancer risk. It’s also  got high iron content for a plant so get chomping

Carrots – ok so maybe they don’t make you see in the dark, but they are super high in vitamin A, C, K and potassium and they are thought to prevent cancer. I definately don’t eat enough carrots if I’m being honest but since reading about them I’ll be making sure to add them to my weekly shop!

Green Peas – Peas are an excellent source of fibre and protein as well as many important things your body needs. They too have cancer fighting effects, but more short term is their help with digestion by enhancimg healthy bacteria in your gut. – My boyfriend wants you all to know at this point that he absolutely loves peas and if he could only eat one food for the rest of his life it would probably be them

Kale – green, vitamin K, C, fiber, need I say more?

Garlic – super easy to chop up small and put in almost everything you cook (at least I do ahaha). Manganese, vitamin B6 and C, selenium, fibre and much more. Garlic can combat sickness and reduce blood pressure, amazing

Avocado – not the best for the planet so maybe no so regular as the others. Avocados are full of super healthy fats for better heart health and potassium. Who doesn’t love a bit of avocado toast

Blueberries – high in fibre, manganese, vitamin C and K and antioxidants. They are super yummy and are thought to help reduce the risk of chronic illness and help the immune system

Bananas – rich in vitamins and potassium and act as a super healthy and easy snack food. I always make sure to buy bananas when I go shopping because they last pretty long and are an easy go to food. 

Pulses – this category is SO overlooked! It is not just vegans that need beans and lentils in thier diets they are SO SO good for you! There are so many kind of beans out their you can chuck in loads of reciepes or have on the side of your main food, chickpeas, LENTILS! I promise you won’t regret adding these super healthy foods into your regular diet

For my next post I think I’ll show some examples of how easy it can be to get a lot of these super foods into your diet more often. Obviously all the food I show will be vegan but everything listed is super important in any lifestyle choice. I’d honestly just love for a lot of uni students to eat heathier because our bodies are under so much stress and we need to treat them nicely on the inside. Your favourite cheap chicken shop might be what you think your favourite food is, but trust me your body doesn’t want that stuff and we all know it. Let’s do all we can for the amazing crazy things we live in.

Lon x

p.s. obviously still treat yourself! My favourite food is a vegan burger and chips meal, but healthy eating should definetly be what you’re doing the majority of the time. Also, if something is low calorie it DOES NOT mean it’s good. Most healthfoods have high calories that often scare people away, but it makes sense if you think about how much goodness they carry for you 💚





5 thoughts on “Why Eating Your Veggies is Cool Kids”

  1. Much of it is learnt from our parents… I hadn’t had olives, or even broccoli until my 20s I think.. peas, carrots, swede etc yes. Loove veg now whereas as a child I hated it because it was always tomatoes,cucumber and iceberg lettuce my mum tried to force me to eat. Too boring. But I think only ever discovered beans and lentils once I became vegan.. and so we need to teach our omni friends how amazing they are. And bit more protein there too… 😉


  2. Great post! I definitely go through phases where I’m really good and then not so good with eating healthily ha! I’ve always been a huge fan of greens and it’s never been a struggle to get me to eat my fruits and veggies, even as a child. I think I’ve always been vegan at heart really. Siobhan x | Vegan Babe Life


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