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2 Years Vegan – 10 Things I’ve Learnt

Oh what’s that? You forgot this blog exsisted? Well, I can’t say I blame you there. I’ve needed a bit of a break recently, so here is a great big thank you if you’re back here with me. My veganversary was on the 1st of November, meaning I have now been plant based for 2 years and I can’t believe it! Making the decision to become vegan was a huge deal for me because my family were really NOT on board with it, but a lot has changed in 2 years and I’ve learnt a lot….so let’s get into that

1. A lot of people do geniuenly want to try to better their diet, they just need a helpful guide into the right direction. not a push

A LOT of my family members are now trying to eat better for their health, for most of which this means cutting down on meat. Obviously, there is a lot more they can do BUT this is a fantastic start when I think about how stubborn a lot of them were 2 years ago. The Game Changers documentary helped most of them to take a step in the right direction, which is amazing!

2. Food sustainability is really interesting

This one might just apply to me, but when I was deciding to become vegan, I fell down an information rabbit hole. I spent a lot of time watching videos and documentaries about veganism and I became very interested in the sustainability side of things. I’m a geography student so this makes sense, but being vegan has helped me discover a real interest in the food aspect of sustainability, which I’m hoping to continue to study further after my undergraduate degree

3. People worry about the judgement of vegans

The other day my step dad asked me if vegans look down on vegetarians for not doing enough. This stumped me a little because of course being a vegetarian is better for you, the animals and the planet than eating meat. So I said no, especially if people who are vegetarian see cutting down on animal products in the future…HOWEVER, if you ever say “oooh but CHEESE THOUGH” then yes…yes I will judge you. But obviously it’s not great for the movement if people are scared to dip their foot in because of being judged

4. Vegans still need to be conscious where there food is from

It’s hard to do but we need to be conscious about where all our exotic fruits and veggies are coming from and perhaps cut down on the avocado if we’re going to preach about sustainability

5. There’s still a lot we can do environmentally

2 years ago I thought I was the sh*t because I was vegan now and therefore a completely sustainable being…er no sis. I would still purchase fast fashion all the time, which I have HUGELY cut down on now and use far too much single use plastic. Those are small examples, but it’s important we don’t switch our brains off to other forms of sustainable consumption because we’ve already taken a big step, there is always more you can do to be greener

6. The industry is changing, fast

2 years ago I struggled to eat out almost everywhere and now, there are vegan options almost everywhere you go in the UK. I even manage to get a substantial meal in local pubs! Of course, it’s a different story when I’m on holiday, but I’m totally cool with living off chips for a week. Sometimes it’s really uplifting to step back and think about how much more accessible vegan alternatives are for everyone to try here in the UK today, it really does make me so happy

7. Tastebuds change a LOT

I eat so many more things than I used to because my tastebuds are now far more accepting of vegetables! I used to not like onion or mushrooms or avocado and now they are staples in my diet. I also can’t believe how many more kinds of beans I eat. There are so many kinds of beans!!! But yeahhhh, I’m probably still never going to get along with courgette, even if I’m yet to meet another person that doesnt like it. Also, you can taste straight away if a barista has messed up and put cow’s milk in your coffee becuse it tastes GROSS now..and I used to drink a whole glass of milk before bed, so that’s saying something

8. Everyone makes mistakes

Milk powder is in absolutely everything which is so annoying. You’re not vegan if you haven’t muttered “seriously, how is there milk in this?” in a supermarket. Also, my worst one seems to be veggie sweets. I’ll buy a packet of M&S veggie sweets because I’m so excited about them and only once half the packet is gone do I remember about beeswax. I used to get confused with beeswax and honeycomb and it seems to be something I just can’t get to stick in my head. I’ve managed to find ones that don’t have it in so now I always know they are a safe bet. Fish sauce too! A lovely vegetable chinese stir fry, why would that have any animal products in it if it’s a vegetable one? Because fish sauce, that’s why. Basically, don’t panic if you make a mistake, it happens to us all

9. It’s best to stay out of vegan Twitter beef

Vegans judging and bringing down other vegans on twitter is so toxic. I hardly use twitter anymore because it just always seems to be negative. I don’t know if anyone remembers when a vegan woman bought a child a regular ice cream because they were upset. Oh man that one annoyed me so much because so many people tweeted at her saying she wasn’t vegan and being horrible. Miltant veganism can be extremely toxic and at the end of the day, if someone is following complete veganism 99% of the time, they’re doing a lot more good than they are harm.

10. It’s important to look out for your mental health

I used to surround myself with vegan books and media and judge everyone I saw eating meat. I try to fit veganism into my degree as much as possible too, so it pretty much is 24/7. This was especially true when I was living with housemates and had to see/smell their meals and the kitchen they preapred them in. However, this would make me really upset and I would often fail to see how much progress has actually been made. My family now buy loads of vegan alternatives in the weekly shop for us all to eat, I can always eat when going out, there’s always new vegan products to get excited about and so many more people in my life have decided to cut down on animal products, which is a huge positive that shouldn’t be overlooked

2 and a half years ago my favourite food was a big juicy bacon cheeseburger…I’ve been vegan for 2 years and that’s probably still my favourite food, vegan style. I can 100% say without a doubt that I have eaten the best food of my life while I’ve been vegan and I won’t ever be eating a piece of meat ever again…except maybe lab meat…but that’s a whole different discussion

Lon x

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