My New Relationship with Twitter

Hi there,

It’s been a while I know, but what better time to try get back into writing when you’re stuck in your house and are procrastinating doing your dissertation.

I wanted to start off this post by saying that social media is an incredible thing, especially in our current situation. We can talk to our loved ones that we’re not currently able to see, keep up to date with news (while remebering not to believe everything you read) and just generally keep ourselves entertained. Just because I found one certain type of social media stressful doesn’t mean you will and I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do here, just letting out my thoughts. I’ve heard lots of people having negative experineces with Instagram, whereas personally, I’ve experienced more of a negative experience with Twitter.

I deleted my Twitter account on New Year’s Eve and I created a new account this afternoon. I’m really excited to get back into it with a new account, now I can choose to not worry about follow count and only choose to follow those who are going to be posting, and retweeting fun and positive things. By the end of last year, my timeline just seemed like a place where there was a scary monster hiding in the shadows. I’d be going through funny tweets without a care in the world and then boom, negativity at the end of the tunnel. To lots of people, one single negative tweet wouldn’t effect them and that’s completely rational but in that time period, depending on what it was, it could mean I wasn’t sleeping that night.

I stuggle with anxiety and the last few months of last year and beginning of this year were extremely tough for me in a way I had never experienced before, which was made significantly worse when my Nan suddenly passed away in the middle of December. If I get the courage, maybe I’ll be able to write more about that time at some point, but I was basically a completely different person for about 5 months, which was a very scary time for me. I am now fresh out of therapy and am feeling so much better for it. So now I’ve decided that my social media, rather than being a toxic place of negativity, hate, judgment and comparison, should be a place of fun, creativity, comedy and positivity.

I’ve also decided that I won’t second guess Instagram posts until I’ve convinced myself it’s actually an ugly picture of myself or if it will get likes. Those things shouldn’t matter, my Instagram is now a place where I can share things I like and if nobody likes that, well so what? So now I’m back on twitter and the same rules can apply.

I also found that I was trying to attach my twitter to a blog identity that I was trying really hard to create. I put so much pressure on my blog and what I should or shouldn’t be writing about that it wasn’t fun anymore. Being a part of vegan twitter sometimes also meant I would stumble across horrible slaughterhouse videos that would make me very upset for a long time. Veganism is something that is extremely important in my life, so will still be included in this account, but perhaps following less activism accounts are the way to go. Not that there is anything wrong with people sharing those videos, animal cruelty is an extremely important issue to me, but I know I can’t handle seeing those awful videos in a space that is supposed to be fun for myself. So anyway, I will be asking myself these questions before posting anything:

  1. Is this a positive or a negative?
  2. Does this make me happy?
  3. Is this informative in a way that’s not offensive?
  4. How will this make other people that see it feel?
  5. How would I feel about this if I was in a different state of mind?

The last one is very important to me, I was experiencing extremely bad health anxiety and while I was trying to improve, I saw a tweet and many comments below that pushed me to spiral into a panic and made me delete my account. I felt like I didn’t have the time to fix my exsisting account to unfollow everyone posting negative things because it felt like everytime I went on the app, I was fighting not to see negative tweets.

Now I know not feel guilty about unfollowing anyone who posts or retweets anything that I am not comfortable with seeing and doesn’t fit with this positive mindset. Unfollowing somebody isn’t offensive or rude in anyway, it is a simply you deciding what you would and wouldn’t like to see on your timeline.

So that’s that. I believe that social media should be a place to be creative and feel good about yourself and if you don’t like what anyone’s doing on their account you can totally just unfollow them with no harm done.

This is something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while and it feels so good to have finally put something on my blog again. Hope you’re all well and keeping safe in these circumstances

Lon x

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