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Why This Earth Day is so Important

Hi everyone, and a very happy Earth day to you!

What is Earth day? It’s a day that is celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection!

Now I know there seems to be a day for absolutely everything, but Earth day should be important to us all, especially this one.

I was personally, extremely dishearted that Earth day was going to be affected by the COVID lockdown, because I had planned for my university society to have a sustainaBALL to celebrate the year we’ve had and of course, all things sustainability. It’s really upsetting we weren’t able to go forward with those plans, however, I’ve realised now that these circumstances may be some of the best for a Earth day of mass significance.

So you’re at home in this lockdown and you’re bored, or you’re working hard on uni work (like me), you’re missing your friends and families and your partner. How in any way can this be good? I think today is an important opportunity for humanity to sit and think about how unsustainable we are as a species, we’re literally driving the Earth towards another mass extinction for the sake of greed. Economic growth, consumerism, money…this is why the planet is dying.

Let’s take a look and see why exactly we’re curently experiencing this awful virus. The world has too many animals being rasied for slaughter in disgusting, unsanitary conditions that are breeding grounds for diseases. We have them all the time, mad cow disease, bird flu, swine flu. Even HIV comes from animal origin! You may be thinking, well COVID-19 came from China and the way animals are treated there, so it’s not my problem. I urge you to undertake some quick research into industrial animal practices all around the world and the conditions these animals live and die in. You can very easily find videos of on youtube, which you should do because as a consumer, you should know what industries you are supporting. We don’t know what animal the next pandemic will come from, but it could be from anywhere. So, can we really be that surprised that it’s happened again? No, of course we can’t.

My basic point here is that if everyone could do just the tiniest bit of research and decide to make a change to just one unsustainable habit today, Mother Nature will thank us. That could be research into animal agriculture, fast fashion, recycling, minimalism, local produce, less flying…anything you like.

There is absolutely no shock or suprise that we have a viral outbreak on our hands and they will without a doubt get worse before they get better because we, as humans, are greedy. We want to still partake in fast fashion and order clothes that we don’t need online right now. We want to still buy cheap meat from the supermarket even though we have no idea where it’s come from or how the animal was treated. We want the new iphone even though the one we have is perfectly fine, but it’s an outdated model. We want to just chuck that piece of plastic in the bin rather than wash it out and recycle it. We want to get on a flight and on holiday as soon as this is all over. But we need to make a change.

It’s not up to governments and big businesses. They will only make changes when we, the consumers, show them that we will not mass consume goods and services that are unsustainable. So, if you currently don’t take any care in being sustainable at all, or you’re the most sustainable person in the world. Let’s take today to take a look at our habits and pledge to do things a little differently. We’ll never be perfect and this is a very tough time for us all, but our house is still on fire and our planet needs help. So let’s help.

I’d love to know some of your plans to be more sustainable 💚

Lon x

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