Siem Reap and Angkor ‘Waaaaat’

Siem Reap Night MarketMost people visit Siem Reap with the intention of going to Angkor Wat, and we were the same. Siem Reap was a really cool city, but with all the adventuring around Angkor Wat, we took things pretty chill there. We really enjoyed the night market, where we were able to barter for… Continue reading Siem Reap and Angkor ‘Waaaaat’

Why You Should Never Ride an Elephant

WARNING: There are upsetting images in this postNow I must admit, although I knew elephant riding wasn't ethical before coming to Asia, it is since being out here and visiting an amazing elephant sanctuary, I have learnt all about what these beautiful animals go through when under the ownership of riding companies and circuses etc.… Continue reading Why You Should Never Ride an Elephant